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 The Family Jukebox 

25th of Maj 2022

We are now officially four members in the Family Jukebox. Our good, beloved friend Mats Qwarfordt is with us on our journey that just started. He is one of the best harmonica players we have ever heard. His sound and mindset fits us like a “hand in glove”. We are so happy!"

The four of us are thrilled to launch The Family Jukebox together, to find our unique sound, and make it real. Mats Qwarfordt brings his harmonica and deep knowledge of musical history to the Family Jukebox. Together we are the warm grit and salt of a new era.

Mats Framed.jpg
P1020183 Sharp.jpg

Next release:
July 7th 2021

Nobody's Sweetheart
(Gus Kahn, Ernie Erdman, Billy Meyers & Elmer Schoebel)

P1020056 - Orig - Kvadrat-3.jpg

New release:
June 4th 2021

Lazy River
(Hoagy Carmichael, Sidney Arodin)


TFJB - Cover Release 1 Final.jpg

First release:

May 7th 2021


(Eddie J Cooley, John Davenport)

Hot Time - In the Old Town Tonight

(Theodore A. Metz, Joe Hayden)

Released on all major streaming platforms including:

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