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Meet the unique Swedish old school quartet - The Family Jukebox.


Sometimes all pieces fall together in an effortless and magic way.
This is what happened when the four members of The Family Jukebox came together.

The songs are performed in a ”never done before” manner. Jon´s characteristic voice and guitar together with the tuba, harmonica, drums and percussion gives the songs a very special character. The music is blues oriented but the band is combining it with styles and songs all from the earliest recorded music and forward. The sound of the band is sometimes quite heavy and it should be consumed at a high-volume level.

If you like getting your shout blues served with a thick slice of evergreens and Torch songs, you will surely find this delicious.



The Family Jukebox from Vallentuna, Stockholm, Sweden started up in the beginning of 2020. But it really began a lot earlier.
Jon (who is married to Björn’s sister) found out that his brother-in-law had been playing the tuba as a youngster and convinced him to resume playing.
The vision was to play tunes that wouldn’t fit in his other musical projects.

In January 2020 Jon and Bjorn started to test about one hundred songs to build a repertoire.

By June the same year, the time was ripe to engage a drummer. Since the project was planned to be 100% home cooked and 100% locally produced in Vallentuna, they asked Micke who not only lived nearby but also had recording capabilities in his basement, to join in.

During the fall of 2020 they begun recording the rehearsals and many of the songs had the quality of being release candidates. After testing the recorded material on friends and contacts and getting only positive, superlative feedback, they decided to start releasing the songs digitally. 

In May 2022 the bands dear friend Mats Qwarfordt officially joined the band. Mats had during 2021 participated the band in recording sessions and all four blended together immediately. The quartet is thrilled to develop The Family Jukebox´s  unique sound further and make it real. Mats Qwarfordt brings his harmonica and deep knowledge of musical history to the band. Together they are the warm grit and salt of a new era.



We all hope you will follow this band and embrace them as your personal friends. In the fall of 2022 the band starts playing live. Maybe you will meet each other’s in a Live location some time.


Lead vocals and guitar: Jon Eimre

Tuba: Björn Lundström

Harmonica: Mats Qwarfordt

Drums and Percussion: Micke Kerslow

Production: Jon and Micke

Recording & Mixing: Micke

Masterering: Uffe Börjesson, Earhear

Label: (self-released)

Artistic Leadership: Jon

Sheet metal figures: Björn

Website: Micke

Photo & editing: Micke

Video & editing: Micke

Social media: Micke

Special thanks to: Uffe Börjesson (för dina insatser och alla glada tillrop), Rikard Hagson, Samuel Laxberg, Sven Lindvall, Gunnar By-Skoglund, Dicken Hedrenius, Tommy Ferbe, Carmelita Lundström, Martin von Schmalensee, Joel Kerslow, Johan Dereborn, Robban Wirensjö, Ole Breimo, Ulf Hedin

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