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  Jon Eimre  

Jon,  who is the artistic leader of the band, is a guppy guy and a local character known for playing outdoors when the weather is right. When not playing guitar or being at work he does a lot of walking and is a graduated swimmer as well (The Swedish simborgarmärket).

Main interests: Guitars, old amplifiers and sardelles.

 Björn Lundström  

Bjorn Framed - AI Lab - Woodgrain
Björn started at a very early age to breathe low notes into brass creations. His Mother spent hours every day, looking for him in all the scrolls and nooks of the tuba.

Besides working as a foreman in a factory 100 yards from Mickes home, Björn is also the creator of the fabulous little "Tin Man" mascot of the band. 


 Mats Qwarfordt 

Mats Framed.jpg
Mats plays harmonica, kazoo and sings backup vocals in the band. He is a legend on the Swedish Blues Scene, in his own name, backing up international acts as well as hosting the Stockholm Blues Jams for 25 years.

Besides playing music , Mats is hand printing historical wallpapers in his own company . But on top of his CV is being the three folded World Champion of Bark boat whittling.

 Mikael Kerslow  

P1010567  Framed - Woodgrain + Time Mach
Micke, as he is called by his fellows, is the time keeper in the band. He is also a Computing Machine doc. His first job was digging graves up in Wännäs, Wästerbotten County where he grew up.

​In his free time his interests are beard combing and Dog walking.
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